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We aim to create lifelong learners and our focus is to ensure that all children make excellent progress from their starting points. 

Our vision is for every child to be achieving happily - we look to ensure this through considering the following key areas:  

Wentworth Primary School_Achieving Happily Wheel (3).png


Our extended curriculum provides memorable learning experiences to broaden every  child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. 

Nurture and safety

The safety of all our children is paramount. We nurture development of the whole child in order to enhance their life opportunities. We are committed to ensuring every child’s pastoral needs are met, and that their wellbeing is prioritised. 


Reflective thinking

We equip every child with the ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively and to understand how they learn best in order to become confident, independent, lifelong learners.


Positive relationships

At Wentworth we know and understand our children.  All of our pupils achieve in an environment that encourages strong personal relationships between all members of the community built on trust, mutual respect and a genuine desire for each child to be successful. 



Children recognise that they are part of a local and global community and work to understand the importance of our role to address local and global issues. We ensure all of our children have a balanced primary school experience that allows them to gain skills and knowledge to become good future citizens.  The school works to support local and national charities to develop children’s ability to think empathetically.


At Wentworth, we aim to equip every child with the ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively and to understand how they learn best. Metacognition and self-regulation approaches help our children think about their own learning more explicitly, by systematically teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning. Teaching is designed to give children a range of strategies to choose from and the skills to select the most suitable strategy for a given learning task. We use diagnostic assessment tools, give high-quality, targeted interventions and appropriate support at the point of need, in a positive and sustained way. 

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